Lecture by Mvuselelo Ngcoya on 24 November at the Campus Hybernská

South African academic Mvuselelo Ngcoya will give a lecture on 24 November at the Hybernská Campus (Hybernská 4, Prague 1) in room 3D from 3PM to 5PM. The event is organized by CAAS in cooperation with CAFR FF UK. Poster in pdf available here.


Between 2012 and 2020, Mvu had the extraordinary fortune of following the life and times of a remarkable woman, Ms Fakazile Mthethwa, popularly known as Gogo Qho, a resolute permaculturalist who sought to single-handedly reshape the food system in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. In this presentation, Mvu juxtaposes Gogo Qho’s stewardship and consumption of imifino (indigenous vegetables) against the plantation logic that dominates South Africa’s agriculture and food system. He argues that she lived a wayward life, in the sense proposed by theorist Saydia Hartman. Her life-world would otherwise remain unexplored because our knowledge system does not recognise people like her as social visionaries, actors or thinkers. Using Gogo Qho’s complex and generative interaction with neglected plants, Mvu proposes what he calls ukuzimilela (auto-growth) and explores the conditions and practices that limit or enable it.


Mvu Ngcoya is an associate professor in Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu- Natal in Durban where he has been teaching since 2010. Together with his family, Mvu co- practices agro-ecological farming on a slope in the undulating hills of Richmond, KwaZulu- Natal. His research interests revolve around agrarian transformations, land reform, indigenous plants, ubuntu philosophy and rural development.



Conference and presentation on migration

We would like to invite to two events on the topic of migration in Prague.

The first event is a presentation by Zuzana Uhde on Transnational migration in Africa: Uganda in global geopolitical context at the Institute of Sociology on Thursday 17 Octobre at 4 pm. The presentation is in Czech.

For further information visit the link.

The second event is the conference organized by Zuzana Uhde, Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and Petra Ezzeddine, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University as part of the Research Programme "Global Conflict and Local Interactions" of the Strategy AV21.

The conference aims to discuss how the changing political economy of migration interacts with emerging global governance for migration. It will take place on Friday 25 October 2019 at Academic conference centre, Husova 4a, Prague 1.

For more information and registration follow this link.



Basel Summer School in African Studies

The Centre for African Studies Basel (ZASB) calls for applications for the 4th Basel Summer School in African Studies (9-13 September 2019):

The Value(s) of Science. The normative order of African Studies

The Basel Summer School in African Studies 2019 addresses the issue of the normative order in African Studies. Science is a highly normative enterprise in that its ultimate goal, producing knowledge to render the world intelligible, constitutes a broad commitment to some notion of a better world. Part of the challenge of doing African Studies, therefore, should be a commitment to uncovering the values underlying science not to dispose of them, but to harness them to even better research. The title of the Summer School is cast purposefully in an ambiguous way. On the one hand, it speaks to the fundamental value of science and, on the other hand, to how interests come together to lend legitimacy and purpose to science. The basic goal of the Summer School is to address this ambivalence by inviting proposals which look into "the value(s) of science" from several angles:

· Which values underlie development research and how do they affect methodological choices?

· How do ethical commitments shape how researchers frame their research?

· Is there a politics of Western epistemology and, if so, what would be a scientific Asian Studies' approach to problematize it?

· What is the precise methodological argument behind decolonial calls for delinking?

· How do the values of science inform its value?

· What role is played by ideological commitments in the validation of knowledge?

· How do ideas of a better life or world inform research projects?

Advanced Study Skills workshop: Composing Attractive Abstracts

The half-day Advanced Study Skills workshop offers guidance on the content, structure and language conventions of conference and research article abstracts in the social sciences and humanities. At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have gained independence inwriting ready-to-submit abstracts for conferences or journals.


Participants will be selected on the strength and merits of a two-page application in which they choose one of the key questions listed above and explain how their research relates to it. In addition, applications should include a CV of the applicant.

Practical information

The summer school is open for PhD students enrolled in Switzerland and abroad. The fee for participation is CHF 100. It includes snacks and lunch on the five course days. Transportation and accommodation is not included. Participants will thus need to source adequate funding from their home institution if necessary.

The deadline for application is 5 August 2019.

Official call is available here.

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