About us

The Czech Association for African Studies (CAAS) is a scholarly organisation for academics and graduates in African Studies as well as others with a scholarly interest in Africa. The Association is formally recognised as a scientific association under Czech law.  

Our long term goals

To promote research and teaching of African Studies in the Czech Republic, and to facilitate contacts among scholars in African Studies and those in related academic disciplines both in the Czech republic and abroad. 

To serve as a representative of Czech African Studies towards governmental, public and non-governmental bodies and in the international African Studies networks (e.g. AEGIS), and to establish contacts and promote cooperation with similar professional organisations both in the Czech republic and abroad.

To popularise research findings in African Studies among the general public, and to work together with organisations focused on cooperation with Africa  

What we do

We inform our members and other interested parties regularly about the latest developments in the field of African Studies in the Czech Republic and worldwide through the African Studies Guide and newsletters.

We publish the journal Modern Africa: Politics, History and Society.

We organise the international conference Viva Africa. 

Constitution and By-Laws

You can download the Constitution and By-Laws of the CAAS HERE (Czech language).

CAAS annual reports

2015 annual report here (in Czech).

2016 annual report here (in Czech).

2017 annual report here (in Czech)

2018 annual report here (in Czech)

2019 annual report here (in Czech)

2020 annual report here (in Czech)

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